Article 1: What are cookies?

Cookies are non-executable text files deposited, in the absence of objection by the Visitor, on his/her terminal (computer, mobile phone, tablet) when he/she visits a website. Cookies allow information to be collected about the Visitor’s browsing.
When the Visitor visits the site, cookies may be installed on his/her terminal equipment.
By continuing to browse on, the Visitor accepts the use of cookies but can, however, object to them and delete them using his/her browser settings.
The site https://arbimo.becontains session cookies. A session cookie is a text file that is created on the Visitor’s computer and is necessary for him/her to browse on the website. This text file has a limited lifespan and is destroyed when the Visitor closes his/her browser.
The maximum validity period of the consent to deposit cookies on the Visitor’s terminal is thirteen (13) months.


Article 2: Purpose of the cookies used

ARBIMO S.R.L. uses various types of cookies to improve the functioning of its site and facilitate access to its services. The sole purpose of these tools is to better understand the way in which Visitors use the services offered on the site (the pages viewed, the date and time they were viewed, etc.).
The cookies used on the site are used, in particular, to:
• facilitate the Visitor’s browsing of the site (for example, by allowing the server to recognise the Visitor in complete security, and therefore without the need to identify himself/herself each time that he/she changes pages),
• adapt and improve the services and content offered on the website (for example, by producing statistics, volumes of visits and use of the various elements making up the site in order to improve the interest and ergonomics of the services),
• adapt the presentation of the site to the display preferences of the Visitor’s terminal,
• memorise information relating to a form that the Visitor filled out on our site,
• allow the Visitor to access personal areas of the site, such as the browsing history,
• implement security measures.


Article 3: Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies placed on the Visitor’s terminal by third-party companies when the Visitor clicks on the icons of third-party websites accessible on the website, in particular, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Medium, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc., but also when the Visitor accesses third-party modules via the website such as 360Learning or microlearning modules.
By clicking on the icon of one of these third-party websites, it is, in particular, possible for the Visitor to share the content of the site https://arbimo.beand/or to make his/her opinion known to other people on the selected third-party site (for example via the option of sharing content on Facebook).
Third-party cookies allow the Visitor to be identified and his/her browsing on the site to be monitored when the Visitor’s account on the third-party website is already activated on his/her terminal.
ARBIMO S.R.L. does not control the collection by third-party websites of information relating to the Visitor’s browsing on the site and associated with the personal data at their disposal.
Visitors are recommended to refer to the cookie policies of these third-party websites in order to be aware of the purposes for which they use cookies.


Article 4. Enabling/disabling cookies on browsers

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically.
However, the Visitor has control over these cookies. The Visitor has the possibility of reading them, filtering them, refusing them and destroying them by modifying the settings of their internet browser, in accordance with the instructions received from your internet browser provider or from any other device.
It is, however, made clear that if the Visitor configures his/her Internet browser to refuse cookies, he/she may not have access to some of the website’s pages or functionalities.
Depending on the browsers, the links for configuring cookies are as follows:
• Internet Explorer:,
• Safari:,
• Chrome:,
• Firefox:,
• Opera:
By not blocking the installation of cookies via the configurations offered above, you accept their use by the website.


Article 5: Adobe Flash Player Flash Cookies

Flash cookies are cookies deposited by Adobe Flash Player, a computer application which, when it is installed on the Visitor’s terminal, allows dynamic content to be read using the Flash computer language. Adobe Flash Player memorises and manages information relating to the use of such content by the Visitor.
Should the Visitor’s terminal be capable of displaying dynamic content using the Flash language, he/she can change the settings in relation to the Flash cookies via the link below:
However, their deletion may result in difficulties in displaying dynamic content.


Article 6: Audience measurement cookies

ARBIMO S.R.L. uses Google Analytics audience measurement cookies.
To oppose the use of Google Analytics audience measurement cookies, you can follow the following link:


Article 7: Updating of the charter

ARBIMO S.R.L. se réserve le droit d’apporter tous changements et corrections aux présentes dispositions et invite le Visiteur à consulter régulièrement la présente page pour prendre connaissance des changements et des nouvelles informations.


Last update: 07/12/2020